Our pets mean so much to us. They are like family. If you have a new pet or even if you already have a family pet member and are looking for a new veterinarian, you might want to know who you can turn to if your pet baby needs some extra care in the event of an emergency.

If your pet is throwing up (sorry for the visual) or acting less than their normal peppy selves, then you need someplace where you can rush them! This will likely cost you a pretty penny, so let me help you out with some places in town you can go.

Tieton Animal Clinic
3901 Tieton Dr

I know the owner of Tieton Animal Clinic and he is AWESOME! They are gonna treat your pet baby with the utmost care and make sure they can help you get your animal back to feeling good! State of the art equipment and the most friendly staff in town, in my humble opinion!

Tieton Animal Clinic in Yakima
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Pet Emergency Service of Yakima
510 W Chestnut Ave

If you live on the Southside of Yakima, this place is readily available for you to take your pet!

Terrace Heights Family Pet Clinic
721 N Keys Rd

Live on the East side of Yakima and need a veterinarian? Take your pet to Terrace Heights Family Pet Clinic!

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