I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee and my mom's side of the family originates from Mississippi, so I consider myself a true Southern Belle. That is why I was so excited to sit down on a Friday night and watch the premiere of the OWN network's new reality TV show based in Jackson, Mississippi, Belle Collective.

I have been hearing about this new show on OWN tv called "Belle Connections". It's Friday night, my kiddo is spending the night at her friend's house. When the kiddo's away, the mama will play...with the "mokkentroll".

Let me turn on the TV and see what this new show is talking about...

this over the top radio host Tambra. She says she's a millionaire, but let's keep it real here, she's a RADIO host. In Mississippi. A "millionaire? HAHAHAHA, I've been in radio since 2000 and I barely make a paycheck with a comma in it, so I just got a great chuckle out of that! What I really love about the radio studio set up that Tambra is working from is that she's got all of the other guests sitting down so much lower than her! Ooh, her weave is doing the most, too. (Confession, I want a weave like that, tbh.)

Leteshia: After only few seconds of her intro, I love her, plus she's talking about brunch. She had me at brunch! Guurrr, pass the mimosas! I wanna be an entrepreneur, too! Leteshia is talking about buying back the properties on Farish Street so that she can uplift her community. Yes, buy that block back, sis!! Now, she's throwing a "women's empowerment" brunch. That sounds fantastic.

I'm checking out Lateshia's house that they are showing the exterior of, and I must say, she's got the house HOOKUP.. WHAT KINDA JOB ODES HER HUSBAND GLEN DO? (Nosy minds wanna know.) It seems he is a "tow boater". I guess tow boaters be making that MONAYY. Time out, if she is on the phone asking her husband if he is being faithful while he's away at work, that makes me wonder if he's been caught sneaking around a time or two...

YEP, I was right. Being unfaithful is NOT THE LEWK, sir.

Leteshia just said she has nicknames for each one of her... Lawd, i'm done. Left one if named "Mercy" and the right one is named "Grace". She just said her husband wants a woman with "jonk in the tronk". Honestly, having a husband that is gone 14 days out of the month to me sounds like a dream, because then I can have my bathroom all to myself most of the time and don't have to demand a second wing.

Latrice says she is a self-made millionaire because she sells all the weave in town. Girl, let me go start my own weave shop here in East Texas! Whoa, she owns vending machines that sell weave. GURL. THAT'S THE Sh#$! Why have I never thought of doing that beore? I want to be a self-made millionaire, too! The thing about Latrice is that she says she's over there trying to be like Beyonce, but she is her own entity. As much as I stan for Bey, I think Latrice is so savvy she could teach Beyonce a thing or two! The only thing I don't like about Latrice is that she puts up with a lot of mess from her husband, who looks like a Great Value Terrance Howard.

Marie is a multi-millionaire. Providing mental healthcare to young Black peoples. I love it! She does not even look old enough to be a grandmother. Girl go get that PHD!! I love the friendship between her and Essie. Their energy is contagious and I want to be their new best friends!

Next up, Dr. Antoinette Dentistry. "Representation matters!" Preach! Opening up her own dental practice! Do that!

My favorite lines in the show tonight were:

LATESHIA: "I want you to get look in your mirror and say, 'Gurl, you poppin!"

LATRICE: "Is that your hair? Clearly, you didn't go to the right store."
MARIE: "No ma'am, I went to YOUR store."

"Hi, I need something that says, 'I don't have children and I don't need a man." - Antoinette at the Porsche car dealership
"So this is the Divorce Porshe!" - Latrice

Move over, Bravo TV! These women on Belle Collective are bringing the heat and the sauce that "Real Housewives" franchises WISH they had. You can't top a Black woman bringing the heat while wearing ANTEBELLUM FREAKUM DRESSES!

Speaking of which, Latrice just called Marie, "Miss Bo Peep". On that note, I am done.



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