Its the weekend folks, and that means we take a look at who the Tyler Police Department is looking for in this week's edition of #FindEmFridays on Facebook.

Real quick, before we move on, I just wanted to take a moment and reminisce on one of the all time great beer heists in internet meme lure. I won't waste time retelling the story, but all you need to know is, the photo is from the Arlington Police Department from a few years back. I just wanted to show off his surveillance photo so you can have a quick laugh.

Arlington Police Department Facebook Page

*wipes tears*

That never gets old...Alright, onto this week's story.

This week we're back at what seems to the be the epicenter of all thievery in Tyler, another Wal-Mart location, this time at the one on Troup Highway. Tyler PD needs your help identifying the brew dude in the photos below.

Outside of the photos in the post, we don't have much to go on other than he made off with six 12-pack cases of what appears to be Blue Moon and Corona beers.

Either he's about to hustle them off, or it was his turn to buy all the beer for this weekend's football watch party but didn't have the dough or the heart to tell his buds. Shoutout to McLovin.

Tyler Police Department

If you can identify the masked beer bandit, please contact Det. Dickerson at 903-533-2088 or call Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.

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