I have emceed, judged and participated in many events in my lifetime. But never a beard contest! I've been to Beardfests before, but never judged one ... until Saturday.

Yakima's Beardfest 2017 was a total blast!
The categories were hilarious! One of the categories was "the best beard that looks like a cat that got hit by a diesel."  Other categories included "the best basic beard," " the beard that put in the most effort" and "the beard that looks like pubic hair!"

So funny! Then we had our normal categories for "beard under 6 inches," "beard over six inches," "best professional beard" and "the best overall beard!" There was even a category for  "best whiskerina" -- for women!

Bearded Monkey Cycling put on a great show with live music food and even some wrestling.

I cannot wait for Beardfest 2018!



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