Perseverance stole the show Thursday night on North Front Street.

First, the opening act for the second week of Downtown Summer Nights -- Flatland Cavalry out of Lubbock, Texas -- got high-centered on the way out of Ritzville with transmission troubles. Not to worry, though: Too Slim and the Taildraggers, the Spokane-based blues outfit that's been a Northwest favorite for more than three decades, agreed to reverse the schedule and open the show themselves.

But halfway through one of their first songs, a wind gust lifted an offstage tent into the air and tossed it onto the band, forcing a little pause. Nobody was dropping the curtain, though -- after a quick regrouping, they picked up right where they'd left off and the show went on.

By the time Flatland Cavalry got to town, the wind was dying down and the crowd was feeling breezy. And it all ended up somewhere near where they'd planned it to begin with.

Here's a little of what it looked like:

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