Do you have co-workers you chat with about each others family and life events? You seem to be friends -- at work anyway.

Then that co-worker gets let go by the company and all of a sudden you get unfriended on Facebook! Huh? You weren't the one who let them go or had anything to do with it.

This has happened to me and I'm puzzled as to why I was unfriended when other people in our building were not. I had nothing to do with the firing -- I didn't even know about it!

I'm still Facebook friends with his wife, so why have I been dropped by him?

I tested out whether it was a heat-of-the moment act. I get that one might be upset over being let go. I sent this person a friend request recently to see if they would accept it and what did I get? Nothing.

I guess it proves that people who you think are your friends -- whether at work or in real life -- might just be faking it. And that's sad.