If you drink your coffee on a budget, you should give yourself permission to call every cup of coffee you drink today, "gourmet".

I must confess, I'm a bit of an unabashedly bougie coffee drinker. I'm even listed in the Bougie Hall of Fame. I cast unnecessary French accents on every coffee label. I may even change the name of the coffee entirely, and I do so without shame. After all, it's just like the old famous proverb says, "Life is too short to not be bougie!" (made up proverb)!

Local bougie coffee drinkers like me prefer these places listed below, just to name a few. (I apologize if I left out your favorite local coffee shop, but I'm not going to sit here and be typing all day listing every coffee stand in Yakima--there are too many of them to count.)

  • Saffwee Salay (Safeway Select Generic Brand Coffee)
  • Celtique Cupay (Celtic Cup)
  • Day und Emme Coffee (D&M Coffee)
  • Leancone Avay-new Coffay (Lincoln Ave Coffee)
  • Dootch Hermanos (Dutch Bros. Coffee)
  • Dream Chicas Esppresse (Dream Girls Espresso)
  • Moulin Brewyay (Moulin Brew).
  • Cuisine Covfefe (Cruisin' Coffee)
  • Tony, Toni, Tone Espresso (Tom Tom Espresso)
  • Grow Vain Grounday (Groovin' Grounds Coffee Truck)

Whatever bougie gourmet coffee you choose, whether purchased at the local stand or in the coffee aisle at Tarshay (Target), may your National Gourmet Coffee Day be très gourmet and whatnot.

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