I have a confession to make: I didn't really like watching Mickey Mouse cartoons as a kid.

I thought Mickey and Minnie were so boring; I loved Daisy and Donald Duck so much better, although I couldn't understand a lick of what Donald was saying. He was so grouchy and always going off about something. (He had some issues!)

Now, I really loved watching Uncle Scrooge and his nephews in Duck Tales. "Might solve a mystery, or rewrite HISTOREEEEE!"

My favorite Disney program of all time back in the day was The Mickey Mouse Club though! That was my SHOW! Whenever that theme song came on, I would be jamming my buns off! Justin Timberlake was on it, but I didn't even know who he was at the time. Britney Spears was on the show, too, but I didn't know who she was either. Come to think of it, Fergie Ferg was on The Mickey Mouse Club. I don't remember any of them to be honest with you. Ryan Gosling was also on the show. All I know is that I wanted to be a performer on The Mickey Mouse Club because they seemed to be having so much fun together and they were dancing everywhere and singing everything (they were lip-syncing, I mean, let's keep it real). As I said, that was my SHOW!

Fast forward to today, what is this I'm hearing about Mickey and Minnie Mouse being TWINS and not husband and wife?!

I thought they were married. I'm going to have to log off the internet for the day because these Twitter Conspiracy Theories are getting out of control and I can't stand it!

I had to dig around for some info on the Disney museum website just to find out the truth for myself because people on Twitter are telling everybody that Mickey and Minnie are twins when that is not even the case. In fact, Mickey had some nephews and Minnie had some nieces and they were always trying to hook up.

That whole Mouse family was kind of freaky if you ask me. At least I'm glad to know that Mickey and Minnie are NOT TWINS. They are hubby and wifey in real life.

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