Before he made Star Wars, George Lucas directed a hard sci-fi movie titled THX 1138 about a dystopian future where humanity takes drugs to suppress their emotions. (While the movie is fairly obscure, you probably know its title because Lucas named his sound company, THX, after it.) This week’s episode of Andor is full of references to THX 1138, mostly visual ones: The way the characters wear all-white jumpsuits and live in all-white rooms, while they toil away in underground facilities.

That’s one of the many Easter eggs, Star Wars (and George Lucas) references, and little details you might have missed in Episode 9 of Andor. In our latest Star Wars video, we break down all of them, including the recurring image and idea of fish trapped in nets, parallels between the Rebel and Imperial characters plotlines and life situations, the scene that echoes a near-identical shot from Star Wars: A New Hope, and the connection between Andor and The Shawshank Redemption. Watch them all below:

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