With COVID-19 social distancing precautions barring groups of people from gathering in public spaces, whole cities have been transformed into veritable ghost towns. Stadiums, arenas and other high-traffic locations that are normally full of people have grown spooky... though some more than others.

Even airports that are still running for essential air traffic have fallen quiet. With only essential workers and priority travelers passing through, many hallways, check points and bathrooms are eerily vacant.

One airport in Colombia became a recent viral sensation when a Twitter post from a security worker delivered a video that is sure to scare even the most skeptical.

In the viral clip, the worker records himself going into an airport bathroom where strange sounds are coming from. There, he first discovers that the automatic sinks and hand dryers are going off on their own.

When the worker taunts what he believes is a ghost to show itself, one of the bathroom stall doors slams shut. At that point the worker scurries from the scene, yelling.

It seems as though the calm that has fallen on the airport has allowed some of its permanent residents to show up.

Watch the creepy video, below:

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