California's Presidio Terrace is an amazing place. When I lived in Sacramento and we would go on a visit to the Bay Area, one of my favorite places to go besides the beach was the drive to Presidio Terrace. It is amazing. The homes there are multimillion-dollar mansions. They truly are remarkable. Famous stars and politicians have lived in that area. It really is quite a sight to see. So, when I saw a news report saying that the amazing oval street had been sold for only $90,000, it just blew me away. The reason it went up for auction is even crazier. It seems that the homeowners have not paid the street tax for years -- which is a whopping $14 a year! With all that money, they couldn't pay the street tax? Now the homeowners at Presidio Terrace are mad because someone bought it.

Really? What you should have done was pay the taxes. I feel bad for the guy who bought it because the snobs who live there are treating him and his wife poorly, reports say.

I say good for him and I wish I would have seen the auction. I cannot afford that, but it would have been fun to be part of.

If one of our streets came up for auction in Yakima, I can promise you that I would be all over that. To be honest, I think the people who live in Yakima Valley and Tri-Cities are much smarter than to not pay a measly $14 a year for street tax.

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