This weekend, I decided to take an extra large garbage bag and do a deep cleanse of my apartment. As I was cleaning, I found a gem tucked away in an old pile of mail next to my fridge.

This gem was in the form of a brochure mailer about the upcoming Capitol Best Series musicals and plays for the 2019-2020 year. I put down the garbage bag and began to peruse the list of all upcoming shows, and then I remembered that a few weeks ago, I had seen an advertisement for A Christmas Story: The Musical.

I thought back to when I showed the original 1983 movie to my daughter Willow last year when she was seven years old, and she LOVED it. Confession: I had never watched A Christmas Story until the year 2018. Growing up, I had heard people ranting and raving about how great and funny the movie was, but whenever I tried to watch it on the telly (we all know that the movie comes on TV once a year around Christmastime), I grew instantly bored, and quickly changed the channel.

Now that I am an adult with more patience for watching old movies, I must say that watching A Christmas Story was an awesome experience. Call me a late bloomer. I finally see what all the fuss was about.

This movie is hilarious and has some great messages in it:

  • #1: Don't give your kid a BB gun
  • #2: If someone bullies you, get revenge
  • #3: Santa Claus isn't real. (Oops, if you are a kid reading this, when I say "Santa Claus isn't real", I meant to say that, er, um, fine, just go ask your parents about it!)

After I had looked over the brochure, the next thing I know, I hopped online and bought tickets for me to take my daughter to go see A Christmas Story: The Musical at the Capitol Theatre. We will be sitting at the very top, and in two seats on the very last row, but we've just gotta go see it live in Yakima!

I think I might just be more excited about seeing this play next month than my kiddo!

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