Have you ever been visiting someplace out of town and taken a picture of yourself in front of a cool selfie wall? My hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, has a popular mural selfie wall that has recently become the go-to place for a selfie. It's called the Nashville "What Lifts You" Wings Mural, designed by Kelsey Montague. Country/Pop superstar Taylor Swift help make the mural popular when she posted up in front of it a few years back. There's a few in other big cities where people flock for a selfie, including artist Candice Thomas' Crown Act Wall in southeast Washington D.C., and the ever-infamous Gum Wall in Seattle's Pike Place. I took my 10-year-old daughter, Willow, to the Gum Wall and asked her to pose for a pic. On the drive back to Yakima I thought to myself, "Yakima NEEDS a selfie wall, too!" I even wrote about it on my personal Facebook page:

"Yakima NEEDS a selfie wall. What building would make the best selfie wall if we could convince them?" - Me
I had about 35 comments from friends letting me know there already are several so-called selfie walls in Yakima, I just wasn't keeping my eyes open.
I made note of their awesome suggestions and decided to take a couple of hours and drive around town taking a pic of each one of the murals I knew about or was recommended to see. Did you know there are at least seventy-four (74) mural selfie walls in Yakima? The latest additions even popped up this month of September!
The locations I visited included:
  • Hamilton Park Mural Wall on S 24th Ave and Mead Ave
  • Churchill's Booklovers Haunt: 125 S 2nd St
  • Homes across from the MLK Park Splash Pad: S 8th St
  • United States Post Office: 112 S 3rd St
  • Cost Less Carpet of Yakima: 210 N 5th Ave
  • Dollar Stretcher: 501 W Lincoln Ave
  • Henry Beauchamp Community Center Park at 1207 S 7th St

Keep your eyes open to spot a cool Yakima mural selfie wall and let us know so we can share the news!

74 Mural Walls in Yakima to Take a Selfie

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