I sure wish that drive-in movies could make a come back right about now! Everyone seems to be going stir crazy in this coronavirus pandemic lockdown and jumping in the car to go see a movie would be a delight!

I didn't grow up in Yakima but I have heard tales of nostalgia about old drive-in movie theaters between Yakima and Toppenish (reportedly, there were nine of them).

It seems I am not alone in wishing someone could set up a make-shift drive-in movie around here in Yakima, at least that's what I gathered from a few of the posts seen in the "Yakima Memories" Facebook group.

  • Fruitvale Drive-In at South 18th Ave and Fruitvale Boulevard. The theater was demolished in 1985. There is a car lot that owns the site now and they kept the old drive-in sign visible for nostalgia's sake.
  • Country Drive-In at 43rd Ave and West Nob Hill Boulevard. It shut down in 2001 and the site was demolished in 2003. Part of the old drive-in lot now belongs to Apple Valley Dental.
  • A Drive-in was located on Castlevale Rd near 34th Ave. I cannot locate any information about it, though.
  • Tower Drive-In was in the location of the Panera Bread restaurant in Union Gap.

Did I leave any of the old drive-ins out on the list?

I wonder if we could get our movie theaters in town to create a substitute Drive-In movie theater! There are plenty of parking spaces on the back wall of the theater facing North 16th Ave; maybe they could start projecting movies on it?

Whadda think about that idea?

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