Hi, which one do you want me to give to you first, the GOOD NEWS or the BAD NEWS?


I decided to give you the BAD NEWS first, which is namely, Man! The price of gas is too dang high! (You already know this if you drive a car, but I still just have to vent and scream. Can we cuss somebody out together?)


Whew, that felt great to let off a little bit of steam. Thank you!


The GOOD NEWS is that the price of a gallon of Unleaded fuel is going down in the Yakima area slightly. Any kind of relief helps. Those pennies on the end of that gallon of gas sure do add up, don't they? I spent almost $90 trying to fill up my tank in Seattle this weekend. When I saw that $90 on the receipt, I literally started to cry. Next time, I might have to show a little leg to hitchhike my way back to town.

I checked on GasBuddy.com to see how much a gallon of gas is going for today and the lowest I saw was $5.09 at Liberty gas station (1803 Fruitvale Blvd). They always have some of the cheapest gas in town. I've noticed that if you pay for your gasoline with CASH, the price is a little bit lower and saving 10 cents a gallon or more makes a BIG difference! The most expensive gas in town is at the Chevron on 16th Ave and the Conoco on Nob Hill. It costs $5.49 per gallon there. So expect to pay anything between $5.09 and $5.49 in town.

Here are 6 things that are cheaper than a gallon of gas in Yakima!

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