The new year is upon us and we all love our home, however, we could use a few new things to spruce up the Yakima Valley. We've asked for a lot of things to come to the valley but we don't always have the best luck with getting it.

So we made a list of the 5 most asked for things in Yakima, did your favorite place or business make the list? read thru it and find out!

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5.) Build-A-Bear

Build A Bear is a fun place for people of all ages, you get to go pick out your own stuffed animal then build them from the material alone. The workers help you fill the bear with stuffing, you get to dress it up with everything in the store making a customized stuffed animal you'll only have.

4.) Dave and Busters

The happiest place on earth for parents who don't feel like traveling to Disneyland. Dave and Busters is the next-level Bar and Arcade for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Fresh beer on tap, a fully stocked bar, and a plethora of games and prizes. The food is top-tier quality restaurant-style and you leave wanting to come right back. Family fun doesn't get much more fun with this place, and what an addition it would make at the mall in union gap!

3.) L&L Hawaiian food

L&L is one of the most delectable fast food places you can find in the PNW, specializing in nothing but Hawaiian food. Surprisingly enough we haven't been able to find one Hawaiian restaurant in the city, this would be the perfect addition to the Yakima Valley.

2.) Dicks Burgers

I get that this is a PNW staple restaurant and it resides only in Western Washington, but what better place to open a new restaurant than in the Yakima Valley, cheap burgers, shakes, and fries that are delicious. The jobs it would create are also amazing paying well above minimum wage and helping the workers get thru college. It would be a great addition to food and jobs in the Yakima Valley.

1.) Trader Joe's

It's my understanding that this is one of the most asked for stores in the Yakima Valley. With so many ways to save and store brand food to die for you just can't go wrong. I'm going ot make it my mission to annoy Trader Joe's to the point where they finally open a store in the Yakima valley.

Did your place make it on the list? What do you want to see come to Yakima in 2022? Send us a message using the Bull app!

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