Getting good at driving takes time -- and miles of practice. Here are a few errors new drivers tend to make:

1.  Not checking their blind spots, including when they're changing lanes, merging or backing up. A simple glance will do.

2.  Not using turn signals. This can be bad because the result could be being cut off ... or worse.

3.  Not knowing how to do things like turn on the windshield wipers. New driver equals rookie tendencies.

Another issue, especially for new drivers, is texting and driving. IMHO, that causes many accidents. All it takes is a few seconds and BOOM. Accident.

The photo of the police officer should serve as a reminder that if you don't follow the law and exhibit common sense, you will get chlamydia and die. OK, my apologies for the "Mean Girls" reference. That movie cracks me up, but seriously, you could be subject to stiff penalties.

Check this article for more details.