I moved to Yakima in 2002 and there are still places in town that I have never been to this whole time. I was driving down West Nob Hill Boulevard today with my daughter in the back seat and we passed by The Great Shanghai Restaurant. I casually told Willow that I have never been there before and she says, "Then you should go!" She's right you know.


That made me think of all of the other places I have never ventured out to. I could think of a few.

Great Shanghai Restaurant & Lounge: I love Chinese food so much, how have I never been here before? I have heard the Almond Chicken is good and so is the Orange Chicken. They are open for takeout like all other restaurants still operating through the pandemic. 54 W Nob Hill Blvd

Lariat Bar B-Q: I probably have never been there because I am a stickler for grammar and every time I look at their restaurant sign I shake my head and go, "It's Barbecue, or heck, even BBQ, not Bar B-Q!" I have heard they have some really great food though. Their parking lot situation has always thrown me off. It looks like a drive-thru but then when I get close up, there are people standing in front of the windows. I haven't quite figured out how to navigate my way through the drive-through, so I will put this on my list of things to do in 2022.

Seoul Teri-House: Every time I want to try out the food at Seoul Teri-House they are closed. That's on me though, because I am a late-night owl and their hours of operation are 10 am to 7 pm. In addition to chow mein and teriyaki, which I love, they also serve Bul Go Gi, which I have never tried. There's a first time for everything so I'm putting this place on my 2022 To-Do!

Yakima Sportsmen State Park: I am used to glamping, not camping. When I was growing up in Tennessee, I would often be invited to go camping with my friends whose parents had the big RVs and campers. They would stay at campgrounds with access to electricity and showers. It didn't matter how cold it was outside, we would be warm and snuggly inside the campers. I admit I was very spoiled. In the Pacific Northwest I have found that people mostly like to "rough it", so I don't go camping all that much. I finally bought a real camping tent in 2020 when my daughter, who is a Girl Scout, went on a troop camping trip near Mount Rainier. I tossed and turned all night the first time I went camping because I was sleeping on the cold, hard, lumpy ground. I broke down and bought an air mattress which was a game-changer. I plan to take Willow camping just the two of us at the Yakima Sportsmen State Park sometime before the fall of 2021!

Goldendale Observatory: I cannot wait to visit the observatory! We were supposed to go on a Girl Scout trip in 2020 but that got canceled due to The 'Rona. Their website says that they will be partially opened beginning April 24th but visits are by appointment only.

McAllister Museum of Aviation: Willow told me that she wanted to visit the airplanes, so I'm adding this place to my list. I just checked their website and they are reopened now. Hours of operation are from 11 am to 3 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The museum also gives private tours for 2 bucks a person!

Ummelina Day Spa: It is a rare event that I am able to spoil and pamper myself because I am a super busy person, but one of these days, I, too, will come to know the luxury that is the Ummelina Day Spa. In addition to luxurious spa treatments, Ummelina Day Spa claims on their website to have baths with "healing waters". Well, honey, I've been needing some healing for the past decade, I need to start saving up!!

The Range: I went to The Range once but it was so busy, I couldn't get in without a long wait time. Plus, I went by myself so I had no idea what kind of gun to borrow and I didn't know anything about what kind of ammunition I would need to purchase beforehand. I filled out the visitor application and they said they'll keep it on file for a year, so I'm going to go back when I know a lot more about it. My 10-year-old wants to go, too, so I have to mentally prepare myself for that!

Yakima Tennis Club: I have always thought of the Yakima Tennis Club as a secret society for the wealthy. I am not a tennis player but I have recently discovered a passion for playing Pickleball! I know that the Yakima Tennis Club has an indoor pickleball court so maybe one of these days I'll become a member!

Suncadia Resort: This is another place where I have come to realize you need to have a considerable amount of wealth to rent one of their vacation rentals. Suncadia boasts "all-season vacation homes". They have a lot of residence options to choose from, so I'm sure I'll find one that's perfect for a quick getaway for Willow and myself! Someday, Suncadia, someday!

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