It's almost Halloween and some of the homes that are decorated for Halloween around the Tri-Cities are rocking! 

I've started compiling some of the best Halloween displays around the Tri-Cities for a future article but I was inspired by some amazing light shows when I was researching my article

There is an amazing interactive map that's been created with all of our local decorated houses that you can go check out for the Tri-Cities. You'll find some amazing decorated homes around the Tri-Cities with this Google interactive map.

My wife and I drove around the Tri-Cities Saturday night and followed the map for a pretty awesome experience. Who needs hot cocoa and Christmas lights when you can rock it with some Halloween lights?

My wife and I enjoyed checking out various Halloween-decorated homes around the Tri-Cities but I thought I'd give you a teaser article before I unveil the best of the best for the Tri-Cities.

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You'll find below, 10 awesome Halloween light shows to wet your appetite before we announce the best of the best for the Tri-Cities.

These are some pretty amazing light displays and I have to give a special shout out to 9814 Kokanee Drive in Pasco for their awesome light show. You'll need to be a member of the Halloween group here to join this private Facebook group, then you can check out their light show here.

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