What's going on?

Ag News: Animal Cookies in Circus
They are back at it again. Animal activists are calling for another cookies company to change the name of their Circus Animal Cookies. It really makes one wonder.
Ag News: Dicamba Complaints Down
Dicamba complaints are down. A story from agriculture.com says one thing farmers have started to appreciate is dicamba is not as forgiving as other herbicides.
Ag News: Trade Not Aid Plea
Tariff relief program for farmers is getting vary mixed reviews. A report states funds included in the Market Facilitation Program were not distributed equally.
Who's Got The Best Fry Sauce In The Yakima Valley?
Heinz's new mayo-ketchup hybrid called Mayochup is coming to stores in the U.S. this month. Why not just call is FRY SAUCE?! That's what it is. Speaking of fry sauce, who's got the best in the Yakima Valley?
Ag News: Senate Grills USDA-USTR
USDA and the U.S. Trade Representative leaders had to answer to Senate Ag members about trade policies and the resulting harm to farmers from retaliatory tariffs.
Former ‘Sesame Street’ Writer Says Bert and Ernie Are Gay
Many Sesame Street viewers have long suspected — including a few wise kiddos — that puppet odd couple Bert and Ernie are more than just friends. The prolific children’s series has never really addressed Bert and Ernie’s sexual orientation, but a former writer for Sesame S…