Losing your phone or your bank card is always anxiety-inducing, but which is worse?

A new survey from Study Finds found that six in 10 people “couldn’t cope” with being separated from their cellphones, while only 46 percent of people would be stressed about losing their bank card.

Nomophobia, otherwise known as smartphone addiction, has many relying on devices for nearly everything.

A whopping 68 percent of polled participants said they use their phones for photos; 64 percent use their phones to check the time of day; and 62 percent constantly check the weather forecast using their device.

Just over a quarter (27 percent) of those polled said they have never used a paper map and rely solely on their phones for directions, while 13 percent shared they don’t confidently know that they can navigate their way to work without the map on their phone.

The study also revealed that the average respondent spends two hours every day looking at their phone screen and will check their phone as often as 20 times in a 24-hour period.

With the notion that our smartphones are always in hand, what happens when they run low on battery?

The idea of a low battery feels like a “nightmare scenario” for 55 percent of people polled.

Aside from a lost phone and lost bank card, the other items worth stressing over, according to the poll, are car keys and wedding rings.

Watch Study Finds' video below:

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