We all got to bask in Rick’s reunion with Daryl and Maggie at the close of Walking Dead mid-Season 7 finale “Hearts Still Beating,” but there’s still the difficult task of actually inspiring hope to “Rise Up” against Negan. Rick isn’t off to a great start in our first photo from the 2017 premiere, as long as you-know-who remains in charge of the Hilltop.

TVLine shared the first official photo from the as-yet-untitled February 12 premiere, which appears to take place immediately after the finale (to say nothing of those mysterious boots), but before the midseason premiere clip. As you can probably imagine, Gregory (Xander Berkely) appears none-too-eager to risk his life to topple Negan’s regime:

Of course, as we saw from the clip, Jesus has another idea how Rick might start recruiting a force to take on the Saviors; that of King Ezekiel  and The Kingdom. The idea of Rick confronting a “King” (and his tiger) is probably going to be worthy of a few desperately-needed LOLs, to say the least.

We’ll see what else shakes out as The Walking Dead gears up to fight back in the back half of Season 7, but will Gregory come around to Rick’s way of thinking? We’re going to go ahead and guess “no.”

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