Well, this is exciting! A brand new restaurant in Yakima has popped up and the buzz is only beginning because Ramen-Ya has super limited hours and a very unique menu. This place is so new they don't even have their sign up yet but that's not stopping me from digging for all the delicious details.

According to their Instagram, they had a soft opening on November 1st and were so slammed on Veterans Day they had to send people away!

One of the premier food families of Yakima Matt and Missa Ulhman have already vetted this establishment and here's what they splurged on.

Matt and Missa's Meal

Matt said,

"I loved the really relaxed vibe paired with some excellent food. It makes us really happy to see the food options expanding in town and this place is a phenomenal addition."

I reached out to Ramen-Ya for tips and here's what they had to say,

"The ramen is best eaten hot, straight from the kitchen and doesn't carry that well for take-out, Which is why we are not offering the ramen to-go at the moment. All our other food can be taken out though! 2 rice bowls and a bunch of sides."

That's what I like to hear. If you have ever tried to order Pho to-go, don't. Same thing with Ramen it doesn't transfer well.

I also asked them about the sign and they said,

"eventually they will get to it"

It's like a hidden gem that I get to share with you right now!

Currently, they are open Tuesday - Friday from 11:30 am - 2 pm, and not taking reservations. Now, they are still working that part out but besides Veterans Day the flow has been steady, first come first served with little to no wait.

If you feel like this spot seems familiar, it used to hold Papa John's, and boy what an upgrade that is, from flipping pizza in a stand-up wait for your pie type joint to a sit down exclusive dining experience where you don't have to drive to Seattle or the Tri-Cities to enjoy. Loving all of the restaurants bringing unique flavors to our valley.

Let's Eat!

Ramen-Ya 509 in Yakima



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