How can someone be so cruel. Tires are typically found in packs, or at least pairs. They're not used to be out solo (except for the ones who chose the Unicycle life... but that's for the weirdos down in Oregon). But to see this one, this lonely, scared, used up tire, abandoned so recklessly in the Nob Hill Safeway parking lot, is just disgusting.

Now you may be asking, "How do we know it was abandoned? How do we know it just didn't get fed up with its life, constantly going in circles, and decided to leave its home and roll away?" The sad truth is, we don't.

Only thing that we can honestly say about this tire, is that it will survive. Take a look at any wrecking yard, and you'll see discarded tires for miles and miles. This one hasn't ended up there yet.

discarded car tire

It will survive. I have faith that it can make it after a short bit of rest. Why do I know that it'll make it, because there is only one tire. If there were two tires, then I would say that it couldn't make it, because it would be too tired.

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