The final phase of a large lawsuit against 19 major chicken and tuna-producing companies will see checks mailed out to some, but not all, WA families.

Price-fixing lawsuit claimed these companies colluded to fix, or raise prices

According to the WA State Attorney General's office,  the 2021 lawsuit claimed since 2008 these companies colluded together to drive up the price of what are called broiler chickens, as well as tuna, in WA state.

A total of $40.6 million from these companies will be divided among certain households. Part of the breakdown is as follows:

402,000 households, where 1.2 million Washington residents live (15 percent of the state's population) will receive some sort of money. Homes where the income is at or below 175 percent of the Federal poverty level will get money. Single-person homes will get $50, and multi-person or family homes will get $120.

Some of the other qualifying criteria also include:

  • "A family of five with a household income less than $61,495;
  • A single parent raising three kids on an income of $52,500, or less;
  • A single parent with two children making less than $43,505 per year;
  • A single parent of one, or a retired couple living on two fixed incomes, that total less than $34,510; or
  • A retired individual who lives alone on a fixed income less than $25,515 per year."

To find out if you are eligible for any money, you can click here.  Those who are, have to go to the State's AG lawsuit website, fill out a few questions and the money will be sent.  All monies are expected to be dispersed by December 31st of this year.

Chances are, if you have not already been notified or sent a check, you might not meet the income requirements for receiving any of the settlements.

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