Apparently if you are a resident of Washington State you are a homebody. You don't like to travel much according to new research that shows Washington is the state least interested in traveling. Officials at Family Destinations Guide did the research by analyzing information from Google or Google trends data over the last 12 months.

Apparently you're not looking for travel information

They were looking for search terms used by travel "enthusiasts" and words that are usually associated with travel. A press release says the "search terms were then combined to give each state a total travel score to discover America’s most and least travel-obsessed states."

What? We have the lowest travel score? How did that happen?

The study found people in Washington state are the least interested in traveling with the lowest total travel score of 392. It also found Washington has the lowest searches on Google for the words cheap hotels’ in the country and the fourth-lowest number of searches for both the key terms ‘vacation packages’ and ‘family vacation.’

Well at least we're not alone...others like to stay home too!

Utah is next on the list of those not interested in travel.
California is in third place, New Mexico comes in 4th and the state of Oregon rounds out the top five states in which people seem more comfortable at home than when traveling.

The top 10 least travel-obsessed states are rounded out by Michigan ranking in sixth place, Minnesota in seventh, followed by Wisconsin, Illinois, and Massachusetts in eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively.

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