Phase 2 of reopening the Washington is underway. This includes dine-in service at restaurants. Oh, and the state wants your name. And your phone number.

New guidelines released by Gov Inslee show the requirements for reopening which includes the restaurant asking for your name and number before dining. It’s called Contact Tracing.

This is similar to South Korea’s approach after a recent outbreak. The state of Washington is requiring dine in establishments to keep a customer log for thirty days. Supposedly, this will be used track customers down in case an outbreak happens again.

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The state will then track down all those who visited the restaurant to let them know they might need to be tested. There were no details on how the state will keep these records or how long they will keep them.

You are not required to give your information constitutionally, but the restaurant could refuse service to you.

Washington restaurants will also be required to adhere to other regulations as well. Such as…

  • Hand sanitizers at entrances for customers and staff
  • No bar seating
  • No parties larger than five people at each table
  • Operate at 50% Capacity
  • Keep Tables Six Feet away from other tables
  • Customers are “strongly” encouraged to wear masks
  • No Buffets or salad bars
  • All menus will be single use
  • All condiments will be single use
  • Social Distancing

Workers will be required to wear masks, wash hands frequently and sanitize supplies. Phase 3 starts in two weeks and will allow restaurants to operate at 75% capacity and gatherings of fifty or more.

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