The other day we were talking about how vandals did their worst to Haunted Tents -- a local haunted attraction that's been a staple on 37th and Nob Hill for 18 years. People have asked about this and it turns out they set up a fund to help replace and/or fix items that have been vandalized.

Funds donated will help cover a new security system so this doesn't happen again, pay for damages, cover costs for this year's event and some will go to charity.

If you can, check out the Go Fund Me and if you've enjoyed this Yakima haunt maybe consider dropping off a couple of bucks.

And if you don't have the means to donate, share it with your friends who may help.

From the GoFundMe:

On Oct 31 2022 while our display was open to the public, we had some Teenagers go through that decided to have some fun destroying several of our more expensive props,, some of the damage can be repaired, while others will have to be replaced,, with the low donations we have gotten this year we have no way to afford this let alone paying for a proper security camera system to help prevent this in the future or even come close to paying our expenses for holding this years Haunted Tents Event.. as a result, if we dont find some help we are facing having to close the display down, which means this year, 2022, will be the last year we do the display. Let alone make sure our charity, Make-A-Wish, gets a donation this year.

My wife and I, our heart broken, we don't have the money to cover all that needs to be done to ensure the display will keep going, it costs us $7000.00 to $8000.00 every year to put this event on and because of what has happened and the expenses its caused we are forced to close this down for good, WE NEED YOUR HELP !!!!! Please, anything you can give will help.

Here's footage of the damages in a video walkthrough.

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