It's not too uncommon to see people attempting to sell items or pass them out for free in their yard or sidewalk. You may see an old chair or computer desk with a piece of paper and the words FREE in big, bold letters in hopes to get rid of it. I saw this the other day and thought it was amusing enough to share.

Right on the sidewalk there was a cardboard box with a breadbox on top filled with zucchini. The sign FREE ZUCCHINI (even spelled properly) was attached to the box inviting people passing by to help themselves. I've seen this a few times in the past at this location. I can only assume they're growing it themselves and don't need it all so they're sharing with anyone who would like one or two.

I didn't grab any for myself as I saw it on my way to work but it looked like good zucchini. Would love to see more stuff like this around town. I love the little mini-libraries people put up by why not have a free pantry for people to drop off that extra box of mac 'n cheese or ramen packets.

This particular instance was located off 48th and Tieton, a little up the road from where Jackson's was. I'm sure it's not daily but if you frequent that neighborhood maybe you'll see it pop up again.

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