If you've already received your Covid-19 vaccine you're on the right track, but what do you do after it's been six months since your last shot? It's time to re-up and get your booster, so we found five places in Yakima where you can get it done with ease.

Every spot on this list is in the Yakima valley so you won't have to travel long and far to check this off your list. Keep your loved ones safe this Christmas and get your booster shot at one of the places below.

5.) Safeway on 5th Avenue

You can register online and set up your appointment in fifteen minutes or less. After going to their website they have an option for you to schedule your appointment. If you don't have time you can simply walk in and sign up for your booster or covid vaccine. They carry every version of the vaccine so no matter what you originally got you can find it here.

4.) Walgreens on Summitview Avenue

Another amazing spot where pharmacists are helping keep people vaccinated and boosted. You can set up an appointment online or walk-in. Make sure you've brought proof of I.D and your covid vaccine card so they can get you the right booster for you.

3.) Walmart 6600 Nob Hill Avenue

Your best bet for getting your vaccine here will be getting it set up online and following up for your appointment. Believe it or not, this Walmart is a hot spot for people to go get their boosters. They're quick efficient and have you in and out in no time. Of course, you'll need to be in the store for 15 mins to make sure you have no reactions.

2.) Tieton Village Drugs

This local drug store is also offering the covid-19 booster with professionals to help you choose the right booster for your original vaccine whether it's Moderna, Pfizer, or johnson & johnson. Of course, you'll need to stay in store for the 15-minute requirement but the staff is friendly and local. Walk-ins are welcome starting from 10 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday

1.) Fred Meyer on 40th Avenue

Get your booster and shopping all done in one stop. Fred Meyer is offering boosters for everyone ready to get there. Carrying all versions of the booster you can schedule an appointment online or schedule it by walk-in. While waiting your 15 mins you're allowed to walk around the store and do some much needed holiday shopping. Schedule your appointment today online.

What to Expect After Getting COVID Vaccination and Booter, Personal Experience.

After you've gotten your covid booster, depending on which type you received you could have some side effects, more than likely they're nothing you can't handle and they're not life-threatening. You'll feel some discomfort in the arm you received your shot for a few days. At the same time, you may develop a little bit of nausea or feel weak. All of these are normal and only last a few days.

If you have any leftover sick days or some PTO  make sure to take a day off of work after the shot to make sure your body gets the full rest that's needed.


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