Right after the first day of kindergarten, I discovered that my 5-year old daughter, Willow, has developed an eye condition that causes her to cross both of her eyes. I rushed her to the optometrist and was shocked to hear his diagnosis: Willow's brain is having trouble ordering her eyes to focus near AND far. Poor thing. The eye doctor suggested that she wear some high prescription eyeglasses for the next 10 weeks to see if that alleviates the situation. If that doesn't work, she will be directed to eye therapy. Fortunately, her father was able to help her get all of that sorted out, and he took Willow to Lenscrafters, where she picked out her new frames. She's rocking it!

To be quite open and honest, I was pretty devastated to hear the news about her eyes crossing, but thanks to some great friends (and my mom), I have been reminded that Willow is certainly not the only kid who needs to wear strong prescription glasses at her age. I even found out from her aunt that Willow's father's side of the family all wears eyeglasses! Genetics at work!

Here are some cool celebs who also wear glasses, some who you would never think would be wearing them.