Halloween Is Here — Do You Believe In Ghosts? [POLL]
Halloween is only a couple of days away. Everyone wants to tell a good ghost story or at least hear one. Me? I am kind of in the middle about this. Not sure one way or the other. Although, I do not believe ghosts -- if there is such a thing -- are mean. They are dead, for crying out loud.
Top 15 Creepiest Movie Characters
I'm not sure why it would change much from year to year, but the PR Newswire still compiles an annual ranking of the creepiest movie characters ever.
Here's this year's top 15:
1.  Pennywise the Clown, "Stephen King's It"
2.  Annabelle the Doll, "…
Shopping For Halloween Costumes — What Catches Your Eye?
I love Halloween! I love shopping for Halloween over any other holiday. It is a chance to be whatever you want for as many parties as you can go to.  If I can afford it, I will be two or three things for the occasion. Shopping for costumes, although fun, can be hard too -- because I want everyt…