Cereal Milk is the Product You Never Knew You Needed in Your Life
I am a huge fan of breakfast cereal. After the cereal was finished, not to waste the milk, I'd just gulp down whatever was left in the bowl. Of course, this is why chocolaty cereal was great because it would turn the milk chocolate. We already had chocolate milk and now, if you don't wanna…
The Note on Packs of Ramen that Everyone Ignores
I know it's the cheapest of the cheap, but my kids and I love ramen. My daughter pointed something out that I never noticed before on a ramen pack that is something that I can almost promise nobody has paid attention to.
Is Five Guys Burgers and Fries Worth the Price?
Five Guys Burgers and Fries will be making its Yakima debut very soon. I'm excited for it as I'm sure many are, but I think Yakima will be in for a shock when they see the prices are somewhere between casual dining and fast food. The question many will ask is "Is it worth the pric…
The 35th Annual Cultural Unity Fair At Wapato [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
On Thursday (March 30), students and staff at Wapato Middle School put on the 35th annual Cultural Unity Fair (CUF). The event brought in many people from the community, who formed lines at various food booths. Needless to say, everyone who showed up came with an empty stomach.

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