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Not Your Typical Chauvinist Pigs: Manners are Minded!
Men love women and women love men ... in a perfect world.
But there is a double standard on what slides and what can pass. Men typically are pigs and have no tact. This is especially true if they have no home training.
Being clever and witty about your references can be the difference between a good l…
Wolfgang was in Yakima before the Oscars
We continue our Oscar talk with Wolfgang Puck.  Earlier today at noon, we had a special pre-show before the Oscars on Mega 99.3.  You know me and Hollywood.  A few months ago, we had Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts on the show.  Today we had Wolfgang Puck (Master Chef, caterin…
This is How You Know It’s Black History Month
Just as President Barack Obama is telling an audience how special each February is because of Black History Month, he hears an off-camera voice call out: "Hey Michelle!"
To me, every time we get the president or the first lady on TV it is special...

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