What's going on?

Kid-Free Zones Could be Coming to Airlines!
You've got a long flight. It's late. You're exhausted. Finally, after waiting in line to get through TSA, and sitting at the gate for lord knows how long, you board your flight. You stow your bag, get in your seat, and notice the kids sitting behind you...
See Yourself as a Work of Art!
I woke up this morning, and noticed that a bunch of my friends had these photos of themselves next to famous works of art. I thought, "Cool! I want to do that too!" So, as we do in this day and age, I did a Google search to find out what the deal is...
These Winter Safety Tips Could Help Save a Life
Fire safety is extra important this time of year, so local fire departments are sending out a public service announcement with some great tips to get you through winter safely.
Alaska Air to the Rescue!
I-5 is still closed due to the terrible train derailment on Monday. This is causing people to have to change plans or even become stranded due to the transportation nightmare.
Alaska Airlines announced via Twitter that they dropped prices from Seattle to Portland to help those affected by the acciden…
Office Holiday Party Survival Guide
The holiday season is a great time of year to celebrate with family, friends and co-workers! But it's also a time where things can get out of hand. Arguments with family, fall outs with friends, and office party shenanigans. To help guide you though your office party without becoming the story …
She-Ra Is Making a Comeback!!
The boys had He-Man, and the girls had She-Ra! Or, if you were like my brother and I, you loved them both! In the vein of Voltron and other '80s cartoons that have made a comeback, She-Ra is next! DreamWorks Animation has announced a slew of new cartoons it will be producing with Netflix and Sh…
On the binge
According to Forbes, these are the shows we binged on the most in 2017.
Mariah and Lionel? Yes, Please!
1989 called, and is SO EXCITED that Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie are teaming up for an incredible set of shows! The 80s and 90s pop icons who share 23 number one hits between them (Ritchie 5, Carey 18) are going on tour together singing their best...
Go fetch!
Hurry -- a few more seats are suddenly available for tonight's Snoop Dogg show in Kennewick.
Work at Prince's place!
The late singer's estate, Paisley Park, is hiring tour guides! So if you're in Minnesota later this week ...
6 Most Epic Janet Jackson Videos
Sure, Michael Jackson created some of the most iconic music videos of all time. From Thriller to Remember the time, Michael always did it big! But his baby sis Janet had some seriously amazing vids of her own! Check out what I think are her best 5 videos of all time...
Tacoma woman finds her doppelganger through online service. Want to see if you have a "twin" out there someplace?
Bad St. Paddy's Pick-Up Lines
St. Patrick's day is today and yes there will be a lot of drinking shenanigans. Along with drinking shenanigans unfortunately come the pick-up lines. Just the tip to the wise: here are a few pick up lines you should NOT use this St. Patrick's Day...
Impromptu invitation
Dave Chappelle's coming to Portland next week, and tickets are going up TODAY!