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Time To Help One Of Our Own In Yakima May 8
I just received a message from one of our listeners, Kristi, who is a police dispatcher and NEEDS our help. One of her co-workers, Angie Nielson, who is a detective with the Yakima Police Department who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 appendix cancer...
Central Washington State Fair Announces More 2018 Acts
Three more concerts have been announced for this year's upcoming Central Washington State Fair: Aussie '80s balladeers Air Supply, '80s rockers Survivor and Canadian rock outfit Theory of a Deadman are all scheduled to perform.
Margaret Trudeau Shares Mental Illness Lessons With Yakima
Her story was a roller coaster ride through '70s and '80s that include five children, motherhood, an attempt at being the perfect politicians wife to running away from home and responsibility to a stint as an all-night party girl at New York's infamous Studio 54.
Are You A Cookbook Hoarder?
Do you have a big problem: You have a whole bunch of cookbooks sitting on the shelf and have never even used most of them?
Watch As A Bobcat Battles A Rattlesnake!
Somebody in a car filmed a bobcat trying to kill a rattlesnake on a sidewalk. The snake defends itself with several quick strikes but who wins?! One definitely does. Check it out!