This morning on the show, we heard a caller say that when she was a bridesmaid, the bride asked her to get a breast reduction because she didn't want anyone else to have bigger boobs than she had. Another caller said when she was in a wedding, the bride told her to get a haircut because "the bride has to have the longest hair."

Geez, Louise! These brides need to get their sh** together. I understand your wedding day is supposed to be all about you, but that is never a reason to be a total B-WORD to the bridesmaids!

I've only been a bridesmaid twice and fortunately, have never dealt with any bridezillas.

The first time I was a bridesmaid was at my co-host Riggs' wedding. I was the maid of honor; his wife-to-be Michele was the sweetest bride, she was just beaming all day and there were no fights at the wedding or anything. That's quite an achievement!

The other time I was a bridesmaid was at my Aunt Katie's wedding in a Tennessee courthouse. At the time, I was living with my parents. I woke up on a Thursday morning and my dad was like, hey, wake up and ride with me down to the courthouse for your Aunt Katie because she needs a witness to sign the wedding certificate.

Two very low-key weddings as a bridesmaid, indeed, and no bridezillas!

What's the funniest and craziest requests you have received from your bride(zilla)?