The Five Greatest Things About Toys for Tots [PHOTOS]
Mega 99.3 was at Hahn Volkswagen-KIa-Mercedes Benz this morning (Dec. 11) for the Marines' big Toys for Tots push. It was a little chilly and still dark -- but it was great!
Here are my favorite things about how it all went:

I broadcasted from an iPad
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Top 5 Things People are Thankful for This Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks ... for leftovers!  Ha-ha -- J/K.  Below are the top 5 things to be thankful for on this day.
1.  The health of our family.
2.  Our family relationships in general.
3.  Technology that makes it easier to stay in touch with people...
Top Ten Things Food Banks Need Most
Food banks need help year-round, but this time of year, the menu takes on a little more festive flavor. Here's what's most in demand at the moment:
1.  Holiday foods. Cranberry sauce and canned yams.
2.  Canned vegetables. Low-sodium...
Top 10 Things We Dislike About Customer Service
One of my favorite movies is "Roll Bounce." Here is a prime example of horrible customer service. Come on, Nick Cannon!
And here are 10 more examples of poor service. How many of them can you relate to?
1.  Not being able to get a real human being on the phone...
5 Ways to Stop Saying ‘Um’
Speech coaches will always tell you to avoid filling pauses in your sentences with "um." It makes you sound unpolished, uncertain -- maybe even unprofessional.
So here are a few ways to make sure you don't fall into the "um" trap:
3 Big Mistakes New Drivers Make
Getting good at driving takes time -- and miles of practice. Here are a few errors new drivers tend to make:
1.  Not checking their blind spots, including when they're changing lanes, merging or backing up. A simple glance will do.
Top 15 Creepiest Movie Characters
I'm not sure why it would change much from year to year, but the PR Newswire still compiles an annual ranking of the creepiest movie characters ever.
Here's this year's top 15:
1.  Pennywise the Clown, "Stephen King's It"
2.  Annabelle the Doll, "…

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